Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back in black..

so after i got it running i decided it was time for paint...

then she was off to meet some spary cans..

Thanks to the boys, Aaron, Craig and Dan for helping out.

(never mind the bungy cord)

Now for the first event, Hori Dori #6 only a week away, 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here we go..

poor quality vid but at least she runs!

Benrard done a nice job of the wiring..

Had to add some adjustment lenght to my clutch.
So it will reach.

The dash so far.

As she sits today.

The the moment of truth finally came, only just over a year since i bought it,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Some progress..

Managed to score me a sweet set of full faced chromes, look pretty sweet once they're on.

Moving her to the new home.

Finally got the tunnel all finished and welded in, 

Pulled the diff out to stop it from slipping.

New Parts:
45L Fuel Cell

All fitted in, also have a new 550hp fuel pump to move the fuel around.

RS*R tuned length extractors

Coilover sleves, yet to be fitted.

Crx Clutch master cylinder, i used the CRX one because its quite small and has a remote reservoir which will be good in the small space i have.

Also thinking of buying a kit, one similar to either or these

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tick tock..

Time for an update,
Got some new leads, half a tunnel and a EG civic radiator.

And started on the rear half of the gearbox tunnel,

The new Job came in handy, with a guillotine and finger folder things were a lot easier than I had Planned.

Now for a few welds here and there, then I'll start on the shifter surround and then the front half.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hittin' it hard in 2011..

Been on a mad mission as the count-down has begun,
New Vs Old

Hopefully this will mean I'll be able to pull up a lot faster!

After attempting to fit up a custom alloy dash I decided that the doors had to go, and then the rest followed..

also most of the sound deadening is out, all came out pretty easily, I only used a light hammer and a putty knife, quite a bit of it came up in one piece!

I also pulled out the fuel tank, all of the interior plastics, and most of the dodgy fuel lines.
found a few new bits of rust but nothing too major!

And now the moment of truth, putting the heart in!
Im thinking an oil filter relocation kit is needed..

Sits quite nicely.

Not a lot of room, but enough!

Enough room for a turbo..

Sump is sitting a bit low for my liking, might need to make scrape plate and reinforce the sump.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Managed to get some work done lately, had to remove the tunnel up to the handbrake just to fit the gearbox, 
i still need to mod the firewall to fit the exhaust, at the moment it will hit the passenger on the foot.

The gearbox at its final height,

Temporary mount to hold it in place,

After all this, i found that the driveshaft is too short by around 40mm, other than that and making a new tunnel its almost time for the real motor (waiting to get flywheel machined), then begins the wiring which is going to be fun..